Upper Darby Seal

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the proper procedure for placing trash out for pick up?

Trash should be placed out for collection eight hours (8) prior to collection inside trash cans with lids at the designated trash line.

When does high grass and weeds become a violation?

When it exceeds ten (10) inches in height.

When is a vehicle considered abandoned on private property?

All vehicles must be operable/non hazardous and must have current Pa. state registration along with valid inspections and emissions stickers.

When must your public sidewalks be cleared free of snow?

Snow must be cleared within twenty-four hours (24) after the snow has stopped falling.

Who owns the rear driveway/alley behind my house?

Even though it is not always written in a deed in laymanís terms, itís always included in the property dimensions and ultimately the homeownerís responsibility.