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New Business or Takeover of Business Permits

Download Business Permit Package

Any new business or takeover of an existing business is required to apply for a use and occupancy permit. Businesses will be required to comply with all pertinent requirements of the Township’s zoning, building, fire and property maintenance code requirements. usinesses are also required to apply to the Township Tax Office for the appropriate business/mercantile license and pay the appropriate tax.

Home Based Business

Download Home Based Permit Application

Residents can operate a business from their home if it complies with Section 1003 of the Township zoning code.

Construction Permits

Depending on the type of work being done, a permit may be required. Permits are divided into reviewable and non-reviewable permits.

Non-reviewable permits can be issued directly from the counter as long as the proper paperwork is presented. Reviewable permits require further review performed by a certified Township plan reviewer. Below is a listing of required construction permits.



Building/Demo/Change of Use Permits

Download General Building Permit Application

This application covers but is not limited to the following

  • Installation of decks, porches, patios or greenhouses
  • Installation of above or below ground pools or other accessory structures such as spas, or hot tubs
  • Installation of sheds or garages
  • Installation or expansion of driveways or parking lots
  • Additions to properties
  • Alterations to buildings, particularly work that includes the removal or installation of walls and structural members
  • Conversion of basements, garages or attics to a family room, bathroom, bedroom or similar use
  • Major structural repairs to buildings including replacement of joists, headers or columns
  • Construction of new residential or commercial buildings
  • Demolition or movement of a structure
  • Installation or removal of above or below ground fuel tanks
  • Changes in use as regulated by the Building Code
  • Improvements related to site development
  • Construction of retaining walls over four (4) feet above grade
  • Installation or alteration of any equipment which is regulated by the building code including but not limited to electrical, plumbing, heating or air condition systems including installation of new chimney liners.
  • Permits at the discretion of the Director and as regulated by the Township Building Code
  • Parking of trailers used as offices, contractor’s trailer or similar uses.


Download Sign Permit Applications

A permit is required for construction, placement, installation, or face change of the majority of signs. Go to Artcile IX of the Township Zoning Code for more information on regulations pertaining to signs.

Fire Protection Permits & Forms


Download Fair Permit Application

A permit is required for any organized charity, religious organization or business person’s association who wishes to hold a fair/carnival within the Township.


Download Loudspeaker Permit Application

A permit is required for the outside operation of radios, loudspeakers, amplifiers, mechanical or electrical instruments or devices within the Township

Off-Street Sales

Download Off-Street Sales Permit Application

A permit is required for any individual or entity who sales any goods, wares or merchandise at a site located on private property and rented from or owned by any other individual or entity when the goods, wares or merchandise are not being sold or exhibited by the proprietor in connection with the proprietor’s existing business.

Use of Upper Darby Township Recreation facilities

Download Use of Upper Darby Township Recreation facilities Permit

Applications for permits to use the Upper Darby Township Recreation facilities

Special Events Permit

Parking Lots

Download Parking Lot Permit Application

A permit is required for any person, firm or corporation desiring to operate a privately owned parking lot.


A permit is required for the parking of trailers used as offices, contractor’s trailer or similar uses.

Peddlers or Solicitors

Download Solicitation License Application

A permit is required for any individual who peddles or solicits upon and of the streets or sidewalks or from house to house within the Township.

Street Closing Petition (Block Parties)

Download Street Closing Petition

If you wish to have a block party you will need a street closing permit. You can find the guidelines, for a block party on the Licenses and Permits page in the Resident Resources section of the website. A Petition signed by at least ninety (90) percent of the households of the block represented must be forwarded to the Upper Darby Township Council office at least three (3) weeks prior to the scheduled day of party.