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Amusement Devices

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A yearly tax is imposed on all jukeboxes, mechanical or electronic amusement devices within the Township.

Billiard Rooms

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A license is required for the operation of any billiard/pool rooms within the Township.

Cigarette Machines

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Any mechanical, electrical or electronic self-service device which upon insertion of money, tokens or any other form of payment dispenses tobacco products is required to apply for a yearly license.


Contractor License Application

A license is required for all contractors performing work within the Township with the exception of Home Improvement Contractors who are licensed by the state.

A current list of licensed Home Improvement Contractors can be accessed at the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General under the Contractor Search Section


Contractor License Renewal Application


Download Junkers License

A license is required for those persons who engage in the business of picking over rubbish and refuse in the Township.