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Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered a rental property?

Any dwelling that is occupied by someone other than the owner for a period of one (1) month or greater for consideration.

Am I required to obtain a rental license?

Yes. You must apply on a yearly basis; according to your date from the previous year.

Will I be notified when it is time to renew my license?

Yes. On average we will send two (2) notices as a reminder you are due to apply for your new license. However, the responsibility is yours to always “check” the expiration of your license.

When is my grass considered to be “too” high?

When it exceeds ten (10) inches.

Who is responsible for the trees in between the curb and sidewalk?

The homeowner is responsible for the pruning and upkeep of these trees. However, if the branches are blocking any signs or leaning on the electrical wires belonging to the township the township will trim them back.

What about my neighbor’s trees or bushes overhanging my property?

For the most part this is usually considered to be a civil matter. However, if it proposes a danger to the general public or impedes the right away for cars or pedestrians the township will enforce regulations.

What is considered to be excessive barking of a dog?

Rule of thumb: Do not allow your dog to bark continuously for a length of time as where it becomes a public nuisance.

When is the noise violation in effect?

Before 7 AM and after 10PM the noise violations will be enforced. This includes barking dogs, construction work, trash removal, or any other type of “loud” noise that is disturbing to the public.

Does my dog have to be licensed?

Yes. You must renew your dog license every January.

Where can I obtain a dog license?

You may purchase them at the County Treasurer’s Office or in the Health Department (Room 306).

Can I obtain a key fob for the dog park here?

Yes. You will receive your key fob on the spot and your key will be activated by the end of the day of the purchase.

What is required to obtain a key fob?

There are four (4) important papers that are needed:

  1. Copy of rabies vaccination
  2. Application
  3. Copy of current dog license paperwork (the envelope the license came in)
  4. Signed waiver form

Is it okay to feed stray cats?

No. This attracts rodents. Furthermore, we have an ordinance that prohibits cats from roaming the neighborhoods. In essence you would be contributing to this issue.

Is there an ordinance which limits the amount of pets living inside someone’s home?

No. Rule of thumb: Any/All pet owners must take proper care of their pets. They must have adequate food and water supply and kept clean; free of urine and feces both inside and outside the dwelling.