Upper Darby Seal

The Fire Chief

Gary Mcafee

  • Plan, organize and administer a program of fire prevention and public safety in accordance with approved policies and directives;
  • Review the work performed by firefighting forces in suppression of fires;
  • Prepare, in conjunction with the Board of District Chiefs, an annual budget and capital budget for the Department;
  • Develop, in conjunction with the Board of District Chiefs, departmental plans and programs and coordinate implementation thereof with the departmental staff;
  • Supervise Township Fire Department personnel;
  • Meet with community agencies to explain the department's programs and to obtain cooperation for fire prevention programs;
  • Act as a liaison between the fire department and other township departments in order to achieve interdepartmental cooperation;
  • Oversee and coordinate training programs for all fire fighting personnel;
  • Coordinate collection and dissemination of information concerning emergency training;
  • Have the authority to be the incident manager of fire/rescue operations when he is at the scene of any incident occurring in Upper Darby Township and to work with the established command of the District Chiefs at the scene of any incident. As used in this subsection an incident shall mean any situation that requires a response by the fire department;
  • Prepare and submit annually a status report of the operations and activities of the fire department to the Mayor, Council, and the Board of District Chiefs;
  • Review building permit application drawings and provide advice to the Director of Licenses and Inspection regarding:
    • Compliance with the Township Fire Code
    • Compliance with the Township Building Code
    • Requirements for the handling and storage of flammable materials.
  • Serve as the Fire and Rescue Services and Hazardous Materials Officer as outlined in the upper Darby Township emergency Operations Plan.