Upper Darby Seal


James Maloney

The duties of the Administrative Director are:

  • Administer the personnel system of the Municipality under the direction of the Chief Administrative Officer and subject to the provisions of law, the Charter, or Ordinance, including such matters as:
    • Recruiting and selecting persons for municipal employment;
    • Developing and maintaining the position classification and pay plans;
    • Participating in labor relations programs;
    • Developing and maintaining personnel rules and regulations;
    • Assisting departments in developing and conducting employee training and development programs;
    • Assisting departments in preparing personnel planning programs;
    • Developing and maintaining records reflecting all aspects of the service of municipal employees.
  • Provide assistance to the Mayor and Chief Administrative Officers in the development of administrative analyses:
    • Assisting departments and other units of the municipality in the development of administrative manuals and in the solution of administrative and organizational problems; and
    • Performing such research and studies as the Mayor and/or the Chief Administrative Officer shall direct.
  • Provide for custodial Services for municipal buildings.