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Thursday, May 31, 2018 - Zoning Hearing Board

Notice is hereby given that the Zoning Hearing Board under "The Upper Darby Ordinance of 2010" will hold a regularly scheduled Public Hearing on Thursday May 31, 2018 at 7:00 P.M. in the Municipal Building, Council Room, Second Floor, located at 100 Garrett Road, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. The Board will consider matters within its jurisdiction and will receive testimony from persons who would be affected by the Granting of these Applications for Special Exception, Variance or Appeal from the terms of the aforesaid ordinances.

5-1 of 18: Application of Benedetto Owen Avenue, L.P. for a Variance to allow additional parking for up to twenty cars on the premises for the convenience of the customers and employees of Benedetto Dermatology, LLC.; situate 359 Owen Avenue, Lansdowne, Pennsylvania. R-1 Residential Zoning District, 5th District 4th Precinct.

5-2 of 18: Application of Aubreya Lewis for a Use Variance for relief from Article III, Section 301 to allow the rental of rooms as short term and long term hotel occupancy; situate 365 Lakeview Avenue, Drexel Hill, PA 19026. R-3 Residential Zoning District, 5th District, 8thPrecinct.

5-3 of 18: Application of MCBH Drexeline Plaza LP for Variance from Section 301 to permit multi-family dwelling apartments and indoor storage uses within the C-2 Traditional General Commercial District; Variance from Section 501 to permit a maximum building height greater than the permitted 35.0’; Variance from Section 501 to permit a maximum impervious coverage greater than the permitted 70.0%. It is noted that the Applicant is reducing the existing, non-conforming impervious coverage from 91.8% to 80.0%; Variance from Section 501 to permit a side yard setback of 0.0’, in lieu of the required 15.0’ minimum, for Lot #5 and Lot #6, in order to construct an attached structure between the residential building and Anthony’s restaurant; Variance from Section 503-E.1.(d) which requires 25% of the area between the building foundation and driveways/parking areas to be landscaped; Variances from Section 503-E.1.(e), (i), (ii), (iii) and (iv) to permit multiple, small common use areas throughout the site in lieu of the required large, focal point common use area and also to permit a total common use area less than the required minimum area of 5.0% of the gross floor area of the shopping center; Variance from Section 503-F.5.(b) to permit a sidewalk width less than the required 6’ along the full length of a building along a façade featuring a customer entrance and along a façade abutting public parking areas, and without the required 3’ separation between the building façade and the sidewalk (or additional sidewalk width); Variance from Section 704-B to permit a stream buffer of 0’ on either side of the top-of-bank of Darby Creek in lieu of the required 50’ stream buffer along either side of the stream; Variances from Section 801-D.20.(a) and 1011-B.1 to permit a planting strip along property lines and all street right-of-way lines of less than the required 10.0’ width minimum; Variances from Section 801-D.22.(d) and 802-G to permit a loading area to be located in the front of the building, visible from a primary street, in lieu of the required location along the side or rear of the building, not visible from a primary street; Variances from Section 802-A and 802-B to permit certain uses to not have a dedicated area for loading; Special Exception from Section 801-C.1.(d) to allow a reduction in the amount of required parking through the use of the transit access credit; And any other Variances or other relief deemed necessary to develop the Property as described herein and/or as depicted in the Plan submitted herewith; situate 5100 State Road, Drexel Hill, PA 19026. C-2 Traditional General Commercial District, 1st District, 2nd Precinct.

5-4 of 18: Application of Calvin and Teresa Beard for a Use Variance for relief from Article III, Section 301 to allow premises to be used as a daycare facility with no change to the interior layout and Variance for relief from off-street parking requirements; situate 2 South 4th Street, Lansdowne, PA 19050. C-4 Commercial Industrial District, 7th District, 6th Precinct.

5-5 of 18: Application of Pastor Emmanuel Louis of Bethel International Church of God, for a Special Exception to permit a religious assembly in the C-1 District pursuant to Sections 502-C and 301of the Upper Darby Township Zoning Code and a Variance from Section 801-A for relief from off-street parking requirements; situate 450 Long Lane; Upper Darby, PA 19026. C-1 Traditional Neighborhood Commercial Zoning District, 6th District 11th Precinct.

5-6 of 18: Application of Mballou Fofana for a Variance to allow an overhanging sign to be installed at property and a Special Exception to allow outdoor seating for dining; situate 7186 Marshall Road, Upper Darby, PA 19082. C-1 Traditional Neighborhood Commercial District, 6th District, 10th Precinct.

All communication relative to the zoning applications are to be addressed to Jeffrey N. Gentile, Department of Licenses & Inspection, Municipal Building, Room 109, 100 Garrett Road, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, 19082-3135.