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Thursday, October 26, 2017 - Zoning Hearing Board

Notice is hereby given that the Zoning Hearing Board under "The Upper Darby Ordinance of 2010" will hold a regularly scheduled Public Hearing on Thursday October 26, 2017 at 7:00 P.M. in the Municipal Building, Council Room, Second Floor, located at 100 Garrett Road, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. The Board will consider matters within its jurisdiction and will receive testimony from persons who would be affected by the Granting of these Applications for Special Exception, Variance or Appeal from the terms of the aforesaid ordinances.

10-1 of 17: Application of Benedetto Owen Avenue, L.P. for a variance to allow additional parking on the premises for between twelve to fourteen cars, including parking in the front yard abutting Garrett Road, for the convenience of the employees of Doctor’s Offices located at 2221 Garrett Road, Drexel Hill Pennsylvania from Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM; situate 359 Owen Avenue, Lansdowne, Pennsylvania. R-1 Residential Zoning District, 5th District 4th Precinct.

10-2 of 17: Application of Chris J. Cortese, for a Use Variance to permit a third unit basement apartment (triplex) and Variance for relief from off-street parking; situate 4726 State Road, Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania. R-3 Residential Zoning District, 1st District 3rd Precinct.

10-3 of 17: Application of BT Baltimore Avenue Properties, LLC for a Variance from 503-F 5c which requires decorative pavement for pedestrian crosswalks. (Lot 1 and Lot 2). A Variance from Section 801-A which requires 188 spaces based on the combined requirements for retail and fitness center uses, where only 177 spaces are proposed (Lot1). A Variance from Section 801-D 19 which requires that all parking lots with fifty or more spaces shall be provided with interior landscaped areas equal to five percent of the area of the proposed lot, excluding those spaces located directly along the perimeter of which landscape screens have been provided. The intent of this section is to require landscaping within parking lots; therefore, landscaping screens, planting strips and landscaping surrounding buildings shall not be considered as interior landscaping. (Lot1). A variance from section 801-D 20b to allow for a proposed concrete sidewalk to be within the required front yard buffer along Baltimore Avenue. (Lot 1 and Lot 2). A Variance from section 801-D 22b which requires that each commercial use shall provide access easements for its parking aisles and driveways guaranteeing access to all abutting lots zoned C-2 General Commercial, unless all possible interconnections between two abutting lots must cross twenty linear feet or more of wetlands, floodplain, or natural slopes of fifteen or more. Parking areas on adjacent lots shall be directly connected by a driveway. (Lot 1 and Lot 2). A driveway connection between lot 1 and Lot 2 is not feasible based on existing slopes of 8-10%. A Variance from 503-F 4b which requires that the minimum setback of pump islands shall be 50 feet from street rights of way, where 46.5 feet is proposed (Lot 2). A Variance from section 503-F 6c which requires the refuse area to be located at least fifty feet from any residential property where 20 feet is proposed. A Variance from 801-D 20a which requires that all non-residential uses shall be separated from all side and rea property lines and all street right-of-way lines by a planting strip having a minimum width of ten feet measured from the property line of right-of-way, where 8.8 feet is proposed along Baltimore Avenue frontage. (Lot2). A Variance from section 801-D 22d which requires service and loading areas to not be visible from a primary street. (Lot 2). A Variance from section 802.G which requires that loading areas not be visible from a primary street. (Lot2): situate 418 Baltimore Pike (aka 5202 West Baltimore Avenue), Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania. C-2 Commercial Zoning District, 2nd District 7th Precinct.

10-4 of 17: Application of Body Art & Soul Tattoos Philadelphia and NECA, LLC for a Variance to permit property to be used as a tattoo parlor which is not a use specifically permitted in the C-3 Traditional Downtown Business District; situate 6790 Market Street, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. C-3 Traditional Downtown Business District, 6th District, 4th Precinct.

All communication relative to the zoning applications are to be addressed to Jeffrey N. Gentile, Department of Licenses & Inspection, Municipal Building, Room 109, 100 Garrett Road, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, 19082-3135.