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Department Specific FAQ's

How can I stay up to date with the latest Township news and happenings?

There are multiple ways to stay up to date with the latest happenings in Upper Darby Township. You can subscribe to one or more of our RSS Feeds; follow us on our twitter feed; sign-up for the township email newsletter; or become a fan of our page on facebook.

Where can I find information on the Right to Know Law?

You can find information on the Right to Know Law, under the Right to Know section of the website. You can also find details on Exempted Information and The Townships Open Standards. The Right to Know FAQ under that section should answer any common questions you may have. Related in some way to the Right To Know Law, is the Open Access Project currently under development by the township.

What file format(s) does the township currently provide information in?

Portable Document Format (PDF), to learn more about the current and future file formats the Township uses on this site, please read the Open Standards page under the Right to Know section of the website.

What file format(s) will the township provide information in, in the future?
Why doesn't the township provide word, excel, (insert other proprietary format here) files?

Unlike other organizations we believe that all our residents should be treated equally whether they have access to Proprietary Applications or not.

Are there any job openings at the township? How do I apply for a job?

You can view the current job openings at the township on the Employment Opportunities page under the Online Resources section.

What's the copyright policy for information on the Township Website(s)?

The entire Website is copyrighted. Certain articles or materials within the Website also may be separately copyrighted by us or by others, as indicated. If you find these materials useful, you may download, copy, display, print out, or send a copy to others so long as each copy indicates the appropriate copyright notice, credits us as your source, and is used only for your personal use. You are expressly prohibited, however, from downloading, copying, displaying, printing out, or sending a copy to others for bulk or commercial uses, or for any defamatory or otherwise illegal purpose. You acknowledge that the permission granted in this section does not constitute an endorsement by us of you or your use of the information and content. Please contact us directly for special copyright permissions.

What's the copyright policy for the photos on the Township Website(s)? Can I use them?

The copyright policy for the photos depends on the exact photo. Some photos are owned in their entirety by Upper Darby Township while others are owned by third parties who have granted the township non-transferable, non-exclusive use of the photos. For information on specific photos please contact us directly.

How can I verify the identity of an inspector (or other township employee)?

Every Inspector has an ID Card issued by Upper Darby Township. This should always be your first step in verifying the identity of someone claiming to be an employee of the Township.

I received an email from someone claiming to represent the township. Should I believe them?

If the email address was sent from something other than upperdarby.org, that should be an initial tip off that the person is not affiliated with the township. Depending on the content and reason for the communication, you can further verify the persons legitimacy by contacting the Township.

I read something on the website, but when I called the Municipal Building they told me something different. Who should I believe?

When it doubt, you should believe the person you talked to on the phone as this website is provided "as is", you can learn more about our warranting of the Accuracy of Information under that paragraph on the Terms and Conditions page.

What browsers is the Upper Darby Township website tested on?
I'm have a problem accessing some services on the website, what should I do?

If you're having an issue accessing an active service or feature on this site please contact the website staff.

I have a question that wasn't answered here, who should I ask that question to?

You can ask the question to any township employee and if they don't know the answer, they should be able to direct you to someone who does. Further if it's a township related question, you can Contact the Mayors Office and they should be able to track the answer to your question down.